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FLOW 2-Day Seminar

Making people flourish

Positive Psychology is a science and not esoteric mumbo-jumbo. Its findings are based on empirical research. The goal is to systematically and permanently increase subjective well-being based on the respective personality structure and character strengths in order to make people flourish. Scientific research has shown that happiness (or subjective well-being) is 50 percent innate. 40 percent is due to one's own thoughts and actions, and only ten percent of the state of happiness is influenced by the environment. People who feel happy have more stable relationships, are healthier and work more efficiently. Well-being improves togetherness and increases performance - even in challenging times. Those who have found their happiness fields and happiness activities can train them. The effect has a positive impact on all areas of life and will help you flourish. But what exactly happiness has to do with your job, you will learn in my two-day seminar. Together we will work out which behavioral characteristics you can optimize in order to become happier. In addition, we will find out which character and signature strengths you have and can use.

"Strengthen your strengths, keep your weaknesses under control!"


  • Basics of Positive Psychology
  • Happiness and how to measure it
  • Determining the individual level of happiness
  • Finding appropriate areas and activities for happiness
  • Developing strength-based recommendations for action and implementation
  • Using digital training programs
  • Measuring strengths-based training interventions
  • Determination of character strengths
  • Derivation of the individual five signature strengths
  • Practical implementation recommendations of the signature strengths in professional & private life

Seminar Objective

  • Increase of self-regulation
  • Increase of authenticity
  • Personality development through awareness of self-efficacy
  • Better psychological assessment of oneself and others

After the seminar

  • You can actively use individualized self-regulation techniques
  • You can better motivate yourself and others, because you know the relevant character strengths
  • You become more authentic and create "pull" effects on others
  • You can increase or maintain your personal happiness level
  • You experience relief in self-optimization stress by focusing on your strengths


The seminar offer can also be attended by life partners. A 1-day event can be offered. Character and signature strengths are then not included in the daily concept.

The seminar at a glance

  • Method: Lecture, discussion, group and individual work.
  • Registration: on request
  • Seminar duration: 1 day: 10.00 - 17.00, 2nd day: 09.00 - 16.00
  • Participants: max. 20
  • Event type: inhouse
  • Location: freely agreeable



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